Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dream catcher
Dream catcher
Where are you?
My dreams float in the air
Like clouds of cotton
They go here and there…
What if a strong gust of wind
Blows them away?
Oh dream catcher
Do come. I pray.

I saw this quaint thing called Dream Catcher when I stumbled upon some tribals while on a visit to Kodaikanal. In their unusual Tamil dialect they explained to me that this spiders web kind of thing with feathers hanging down is a Dream Catcher. Hang it where you sleep – he told me – and it will catch all your bad dreams.

At that point I had been having a recurring nightmare so I was intrigued and I picked up one of those things. Then I went home and hung it outside my bedroom door (don’t ask me if bad dreams walk in through the door!). And sure enough the nightmares stopped. Ah the dream catcher works.

How simple life would be if we had a Dream Catcher for all our happy dreams. Why doesn’t anyone work on one such gadget, I ask! Lest I forget let me list down those dreams…

Dream 1
A cozy sea-side villa. Absolutely minimalistic, airy and filled with the therapeutic sound of waves lashing on the shores. Dream catcher may please give me the land and the right amount of money needed to build a house the way I want it.

Dream 2
Well…if the ever so busy, globe trotting Mr Merchant Banker – Chetan Bhagat can do it – so can I! Be a novelist I mean. I know my limits (even in my dreams) – I don’t want to be a JK Rowling. I’ll just be a writer who writes simple, magical stories about normal people. And then, I’m pretty sure, I will have 3 idiots from Bollywood running behind me to buy story rights. Or – more lucrative – I can sue them for robbing my story and not giving me the due credit. The public will support me, for I will be the underdog. Muah haa haaa

Dream 3
Travel travel travel. Now that I will have plenty of money after suing a Bollywood producer I will not need to work. So I will travel. And in absolute style. Someone must organize everything for me and I will simply board the plane and enjoy the sights. I particularly want to visit South American countries and the awesome rain forests.  Next loved destination is Africa – for shopping and forest safaris. Tunisia and Morocco for their incredible architecture and craft (specially their delicate glass paintings), Jordan for the dead sea and Petra, Egypt for its pyramids, New Zealand for its views, peace and quiet. Grand Canyon, Niagara, Victoria Falls, Angel falls…well lets just say I want to take a peek at all the wonders of the world (natural and man-made, old and new). Plus plenty of travel within India – specially Kashmir, Srinagar, Jaisalmer,  Ladkah and Shillong.

Dream 4
A wardrobe full of super trendy clothes (wearable ones of course – not the skinny model types) and comfortable footwear. From Indian to Western I need it all. Something for every occasion. And there must a team of people that will work at replenishing it with the latest outfits. I will have the money…remember…

Dream 5
A young, handsome, personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor (male only) who will come every morning and keep me in absolute, age defying shape!

Dream 6
I shall also own an organic farm – not far from my beach house. There I will have trusted people to look after the farm, its activities etc while I’m globe trotting. When I’m home I shall choose to chill either at the beach house or in my farm – plucking fresh fruits and munching them and having farm fresh meals. Ummm…that’s life.

Well…you see how modest my dreams are. They just end here. The Dream Catcher will then be passed on to my daughter. So someone smart out there please do design such a gadget. My dreams are waiting…

Note:  I’m rather busy at work. When I’m busy, I’m stressed. When I’m stressed I lose it. I mean I’m mentally not all there. This post was written in such a state of mind. If you’ve read through it…poor you :)

10 thoughts on “Dream Catcher

  1. Judy Balan

    Hahaa:D Deepa’s answer to Nickleback eh? And Chetan Bhagat? Okay, he knows how to tell a story but he sooo lacks style! Andy was right. Besides, why are all these IIM/IITians writing fiction, dammit? I mean, what are WE supposed to do? Pah. Nonsense only.

    As for the recurring ‘bad dreams’ what you need is not a dream catcher, but an interpreter. Come by my place anytime, dahling. I will patiently unravel the mysteries of the subconscious mind and the cryptic language of dreams. All for a reasonable $120! :)

  2. deepa Post author

    Oh J that’s the whole problem. Regardless of whether he has style or not his work sells. And how! Damn! I must say you stole the words outta my mouth – why must these IITans and other such nerds turn to writing?? Can’t they just bury their noses in bank vaults or other such exciting places and leave the writing to our breed of so called writers??? Why why why???

    And bad dreams was then…by now I’m an expert at interpreting them. You need some tips for your trade come to me muah ha ha ha :D

  3. deepa Post author

    Hey RQ! Thanks for your visit here :).

    Yeah can you believe Dream Catcher in Kodai! It does look native American with all its feathers and all that…hmmm

  4. deepa Post author

    OTEE now I don’t know if you’re laughing at me or sympathising with me!! :|

    Ah ok the PS confirms it – you are laughing at me! :||

    lol :)

  5. Javeed Ahmed M

    That was One too many Dreams. Hope the Dream catcher has by this time caught some of them.

    What else did you hang in the hope…You are a Hopeless Dreamer…lol I hope your Daughter Mahim will be successful and fulfill some of those dreams…

    Try Looking at East Coast Road Most of Your dreams can be fulfilled May be close to Kotivakkam..lol

  6. deepa Post author

    ECR is all booked and out of budget anyways. I think my dream catcher has given up on me! But that of course does not prevent me from dreaming of course :)


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