Women’s Day and all that

Here I come with my too-late-in-the day-Women’s Day post! What really inspired this post was not the day itself – rather it was posters displayed at a nearby car showroom. There was Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Arundhati Roy, Mother Theresa, Kiran Bedi…all grinning at passers by from glossy posters. For two days they grinned and then they were removed and relegated to a store room – perhaps until next year.

So is this what women’s day is all about? You hail these very visible and famous achievers for that one day and then you relegate them to a corner?

Well, I’d like to celebrate it differently.

My first hero is my mom. Who taught me that no matter how many times life pushes you down, you simply wake up, dust yourself off and move on. Because if you don’t make that effort no one is going to come there and help you get up. She has done this for as long as I remember. And I’m so very proud that this incredible woman is my mother.

My maid is another amazing person. Straddled with a drunk husband and a completely directionless son – she chugs on with a big smile. She saves hard and sends her daughter to college. Her daughter – God bless her – is amongst the toppers in her BCom class.

The lady who delivers our milk is yet another classic case. She trudges from street to street every morning with a basket full of milk packets. Her tired bow legs carrying her frail body. Her husband is no more. Her sons have thrown her out of their home. She lives here and there. Yet she always has a smile and a kind word for us. All day long she exchanges cheerful banter with her women friends as she rests under the shade of a tree. Sometimes I wonder what is it that makes her smile so much. In her place, I might have been miserable!

We have a lady who is our standby cook. Whenever we have get-togethers or functions at home – we simply call and place an order and she dishes out the yummiest of South Indian food. This lady is a widow and supports her abandoned daughter and granddaughter. All day long she cooks and cleans and cooks and cleans and earns enough to pay for the three of them. Always smiling. Always giving us that extra unordered dish as a compliment. What a remarkably strong woman she is!

There are so many unsung heroes who walk in and out of our lives every day. Do they even know about Women’s Day and the much publicized Woman’s Bill? Is it going to make any difference to their lives?

This post is dedicated to them all. I salute them and I celebrate their spirit. Every single day.

17 thoughts on “Women’s Day and all that

  1. Judy

    Well done, Deepa. Brought tears to my eyes. I think I know the milk lady you’re talking about. Sigh. I personally think Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc is all just one big farce. But if it were directed at the right people, I suppose it would make sense.


  2. hey,,,,

    hmmmmmmmmmmm… do i need to say how much i love this post, and how much i identify with it? A big hug to you!!!

  3. Javeed Ahmed M

    Well, I no doubt support you call that there are so many women who lead unsung heroes / heroines lives.

    But the Women’s reservation Bill is a must for a country like India, where religious practices and casteists has cast a shadow on the lives of women. The prejudice about woman cannot be changed by means, but by empowering women and giving the scope for themselves to decide their future though the barrel of Power, which they could not be attain by other means all through these years.

    And Please do remember, this was possible by a Strong lady at the helm of affairs and an Outsider(Oops Do We still have this Mentality?)

    Who knows A Rabadi may turn her back against A Lalu!

    Anyways Belated Greeting for The International Women’s Day! Hope You did have a Good Time.

  4. admin

    That was a lovely post!
    It women like you who deserve a day dedicated to them. In fact all 365 of my days are dedicated to you :-)

  5. Restless Quill

    hey you. what’s with the “all that” this week? :) ok, i am jobless and honestly cannot wrap my head around woman’s day. all the same, nice post. also you’ve been tagged.

  6. deepa Post author

    Judy – yes you might have seen the lady – she keeps wandering down our road. she’s great pals with my MIL and lands up often for morning coffee and biscuits. me…a hero mom? not sure. but thanks…made my day :)

  7. deepa Post author

    JAMs i din’t know when international women’s day came and went. if it weren’t for those posters – i would not have remembered it.

    but yes i guess Women’s Bill will empower women a bit. Let see if it gets past the government red tape!

  8. deepa Post author

    gogol – i like this name BTW – reminds me of gogol in Namesake. Is that where this came from??

    Oh yeah and she does live here and there. Sometimes she sleeps in our compound, on other days I don’t know where. but jeez she’s always smiling. incredible huh?

  9. deepa Post author

    RQ – yeah when i was writing the title i realised this was the second ‘and all that’ but then i was busy and said what the hell!! maybe i’ll make it a trilogy and write one more ‘and all that’ post. hmmmm… :)

    and what does getting tagged mean. pardon my ignorance :|


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