Squishy upma and squishier heart

Mom in law is away for almost 20 days. Now the kitchen is my domain (beware!!). It’s not like I can’t cook – for the first 10 married years of life – I did. But ever since we’ve moved back to Chennai I only get into the kitchen when special things like Biryani or pasta or pizza have to be made. Not for me the daily mundane stuff! So the result is that I’ve almost forgotten how to make a lot of dishes. I also make a fuss about using too much oil or ghee and I take pride that all my dishes are virtually fat free. I’m of course oblivious to the fact the no one at home really loves the oil-free stuff! They’d rather have their onions fried a bit in oil instead of simply boiled – if you know what I mean.

Anyways my adventure began yesterday morning with breakfast. I spurned the usual idly and dosa fare. Everyone needs more fiber and less fat in their diet I advocated. My father-in-law and husband bore my rants patiently. FIL had to go out somewhere and he smartly ate his breakfast outside. Meanwhile my daughter M decided she wanted to cook too. She considers herself a dessert specialist. Everything and anything with chocolate is her forte. She puts bournvita in cornflakes with just a dash of milk and sugar and…ta ta dai dessert ready! But I firmly put a stop to that. No junk early in the morning I croaked. “So what dessert do I make?” she complained. We decided to make fruit canapés for dessert and oats upma for breakfast. So while the upma was stirring. We chopped up fruits – apples, bananas, mangoes and grapes. She took toothpicks and poked the fruits into that. The grape followed by the juicy mango, followed by the banana and finally the apple. It looked lovely – really! She diligently did that till her collection of fruits got over. Then we neatly arranged it in a plate. And it looked awesome.

My upma in the meantime got done. It tasted pretty good – but I guess I’d put too much water in it – so it looked all squishy. (Almost like a kanji!). M went ahead and presented her dessert to everyone – even before the main course got done. Everyone ate her fruit canapé with relish. And she was oh-so-happy that she had made a healthy dessert for everyone. Then it struck her that she had presented the dessert before the main course. So she pulled in her father into the kitchen. He saw the upma and went “ugh!” and ran away. I begged that he at least taste it before declaring it as bad (fair request right?). But he absolutely refused. So I was angry and told him that he could go ahead and cook all his meals himself.

M was watching all this. She quietly took the plate and started eating the upma. I could see that she hated it – just from the way she was eating it. (She hates oats and hates upmas even more!) She told me “It’s nice amma. See I’m eating it – don’t be sad.”

And this brought tears to my eyes. My little princess had grown up enough to care for me! She looked at me – really concerned “Are you crying? I’m eating na! I told you its nice.” She said

At this point I gave her a big smile and a big hug. I took the plate from her. “Are you angry?” she asked, worried. “No baby…I’m just too happy!” I said and made her a nice, hot crispy dosa for breakfast. I can tell you that my heart still feels squishier than my upma. And it’s these squishy moments that make life worth living. Sigh…



Dosa/Idly – Traditional South Indian breakfast fare

20 thoughts on “Squishy upma and squishier heart

  1. Bhupesh

    I also make a fuss about using too much oil or ghee
    it is common for all these days!! along with kahin main moti to nahin ho gai hun

    he smartly ate his breakfast outside. even i do the same thing sometimes :P

    juicy mango ye abhi kahan se mil gaye???

    He saw the upma and went “ugh!” and ran away. I can understand his condition :P

    She looked at me – really concerned “Are you crying? I’m eating na! I told you its nice.” She said She is a sweetheart.

    hugs for her.

    Finally i am here for comments

  2. deepa Post author

    First a big hug for coming here :)

    And second I shall pull your ears for supporting my better half and FIL!! :|

    And hey…I know M is a blessing :)

    Plus all this no oil and health food is someone’s influence…can you guess who??

  3. bhupesh

    :) I was not too frequent on my blog and it stands nowhere near this one

    BTW whose influence is this no oil and health food
    he need something to eat :P

  4. Judy

    Deepa, this was such a sweet post. Really. I mean, I did think kids these days are a lot sharper than we were, but wow. I’m really surprised at M’s reaction. So cute. Big hug to her. And you, for earning it! :)

  5. deepa Post author

    Bhupesh…nope not Rohit. And I agree…the poor guy could do with some meals made in desi ghee :D

  6. deepa Post author

    Judy – I know M never fails to amaze me! This one just blew me off!! I never expected it and I was so touched. I shall gladly hug her on your behalf :)

  7. OTEE

    A mushy, squishy post really. And M is a gem. Makes me wish that I had a daughter; but character is something that reflects the bringing-up. Loved this post.

    PS: We get to see your squishy oats upma and not the colourful dessert that M made!

    PS2: I can easily guess who recommends the healthy food. He might even suggest ‘raw’ vegetables, wont he?

  8. Javeed Ahmed M

    Well, Moments that are Squishy do give the comfort most of the times from Children esp the little ones.

    My Mom makes the best Upma with Rawa and I hate the Upma My Better half makes from oats (Yep Just Like Yours) which makes her bitter half, when I refuse to partake it. LoL Shhhhhh!! Don;t tell anyone.

    And Its nice to know that the M is learning her lessons early in life. I was just pondering what you better half was doing when the “M” was mouthing all this out to flood u with tears of Joy. Oops…..

    Thanks for Sharing the Squishy Squashy Moments of Ur Life.

  9. deepa Post author

    OTEE – let me first say:
    my heart leaps with joy
    everytime I behold thy comment in my blog :)

    And yeah isn’t it absolutely wonderful to have a daughter. I thank all the powers who decided to give me this sweet li’l princess :)

    On the PS1 – I actually found that pic in google. But M’s dessert was so unique – can’t find a pic on google :). Wish I had taken a pic at least :|

    You (as usual) got that right about the one who is influencing me on health food. Can’t tell you how many hours of lectures on the benefits of raw food I have had to endure…sigh

  10. deepa Post author

    Hey JAMS – may I repeat the poem I said for OTEE here:
    my heart leaps with joy
    every time I behold thy comment in my blog :)

    Next time I visit Hyd I shall drop in to your place and have your wife’s oats upma. Humph…you men are all the same. Prefer momma’s cooking!! (Pssst I too prefer his momma’s cooking to mine! But then why would I admit that to him…muahh ha ha ha)

    M and I were in the kitchen while she was trying to pretend that my upma was nice. And her dad does not know the way to our kitchen, so…

  11. deepa Post author

    Judy – i have great respect for these two virtual men who come and do their valuable bit on my rants. I miss their comments when they don’t make an appearance :(

    You my dear girl are virtually next door – I can come and pull your ears – so to speak – if you don’t visit and comment…muah ha ha ha ha

  12. Javeed Ahmed M

    Oye…Madam Its been more than 15 days, Was the Upma so bad that you have problems to Keyin too.. LoL.

    Hope You are not on a Vacation with Mahima in some remote NE Lands yet again.

    Anyways Just to Inform You I was around. LoL

    Do Take Care
    Enjoy the Chennai Summers

  13. deepa Post author

    Hi JAMs thanks for the peep. Would you believe i was so busy din’t even have time to log in to my blog!! I wonder how so many thousands of women manage to juggle, work, home and kids. I had a tough time. Anyways now mom is back and I hope I can blog again :)

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    1. deepa Post author

      Hey! Thanks for you comments! Made my day. Actually have not blogged in a long time. Now I’m inspired to write again…thanks!


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