RIP – the living dead

Elections are round the corner. Suddenly political posters are dotting the scenery here in Chennai. There’s one of the CM grinning with one son and then not to be outdone, there’s another one in a similar pose with his other son. Then there are posters with alliances. The people featured in these posters have their mug shots placed in order of hierarchy and importance. So if he is really important his chubby face (invariably all of them are well fed, not surprisingly I guess) grins down at you. Then there are other party cadres dotting the poster in order of importance. Some faces the size of a football and others the size of a tennis ball – as the case may be. Interesting this power play – even in posters.

I imagine what their lives must be like.

They have money. Which unfortunately they cannot happily spend. After all the tax paying middle class of India – will get annoyingly agitated if they find out what their money was used for. So they hoard the money in various banks across the globe. They drive around in rickety ambassador cars with Indian flag pasted on them – just in case you thought they were not patriotic. Mind it.

They travel in planes with Indian masses – when they can really afford private planes. But tsk tsk – again the public will question them.

They wear simple dhotis and khadi garments to prove to you that they care for India even at the grassroots level – just as that lion cloth wearing man instructed them to. (Er…what’s his name again…ah Gandhi!). They have to keep those Gucci shoes and Versace suits hidden in the closet and can only use them when they get a chance to go – on Government expense – to some foreign trip. Pity.

They can’t go to restaurants or to watch movies or to temples or go for a haircut…you get the drift… for fear that they will get rotten tomatoes or worse, bombs thrown at them. Oh yes, and they worry about their lives all the time. Terrorists, opposition party, the people AND their own family members are all out to get them. Darn it.

So yes, their personal lives are not doing too well either. The monsters they have sired and fed lovingly on greed, power and arrogance simply want them to die so that they can take over. Not to forget, the term sibling rivalry takes on mammoth proportions as they grow. Worse still, if they have sown their wild oats around, then there are kids coming out of the woodwork and demanding their share of the meat. What a bore.

They wake up each morning wondering how they can keep their stronghold on the power that’s draining them and the money that they cannot enjoy. The fear of losing it kills them each day. They cannot LIVE. And they are afraid to die. They are the living dead.

May at least their souls be allowed to rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “RIP – the living dead

  1. Raj

    Nice, a different perspective :)

    But yeah, they pretty much own the source of information (problems per se) and the medium of dissemination. No wonder they either hide or curtail the information

  2. deepa Post author

    You guys are absolutely the sweetest. You come here and say the nicest things and totally make my day :)

    Raj – yes I agree they do know the source of their problems – all the more reason for them to die each day!! Pity huh!

  3. smartassbride

    you made me feel sorry for THEM! man, i’ve never done that before. i often think that’s why the present Cm attends even a tamil serial dubbing artist’s marriage. the same way men with too many problems at home go to tasmac. sigh. paavam they are, you are right.

  4. deepa Post author

    hey smartass…see you never thought of it that way did you! lol – we’re the kings and they are the slaves. agreed?

  5. Saikat

    What a funny looking cake. So cute! I would love a piece Hope you are panicitpatirg my event, I have extended the deadline for another month, so whenever you re in a Christmasy mood


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