About me

There are few things I’ve recently discovered about myself – much to my own surprise. I love interacting with kids! Eight years ago, I didn’t know I would enjoy that so much. I have to thank my daughter for this. Her ceaseless appetite for stories led to this discovery! These days I write plays for kids indulge in puppetry and stories. I’m loving it and am exploring ways in which I can take this passion forward.

Other areas in which I want to work are saving the environment, eliminating garbage, reducing the use of plastic and promoting organic/natural food.

The idea is to be a good citizen of the world and leave no footprints behind when I leave for good.

4 thoughts on “About me

    1. shweta agarwal

      hello deepa,
      i am shweta. i read your blogs, and felt myself very much at the same frequency level as u.
      it would be so nice to have u as my friend.


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