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The dog collar

Each day I learn something new from my little one. Ok, she is going to be six (!!) and not so little any more. (But for me she will always be the helpless little baby that was thrust into my arms!) So I’m constantly amazed at the words and ideas she suddenly throws up on me. They catch me unawares and most of the time I blubber and blabber. But one thing is for sure – I always want to answer her honestly. As much honesty as she would understand that is.

It’s been decided, by the way, that she will marry in a Church. Because she prefers the Cinderella like white gown to a sari and more importantly, she loves the idea of a wedding ring. (Don’t ask me who has been telling her all this. Not me. We perhaps have to thank the Disney Princesses for this!) Anyways, we seriously discussed the idea of her marrying in a Church and have agreed in principle that it should be ok with us all. She can’t however decide between Kishan, Atul and Ananth! Sigh! Yeah life is full of tough decisions, right.

Ouch…I’m drifting away from the focal point of this blah blah.

First, a little background to the uninitiated. I have stopped wearing my ‘thali chain’ for various reasons ranging from feminism, freedom of expression to dislike for gold ornaments…but lets not get into that now. Despite entreaties from my mother – who thinks this is total blasphemy – I decided to stick by my decision.

One day, when we were reading one of those fairy tales – M turned to me and asked me why I don’t wear my ‘thali chain’. I said I don’t like it because it’s too heavy around my neck.

“But how will people know that you are married?” she asked me perplexed.

“Why do people need to know?” I ask back smartly.

“What if some uncle thinks you are unmarried and gets married to you.” She wonders, her eyes going round with concern.

“Hmmm” I pretend to think about it while my brain absorbs the question and decides whether to laugh it off as a joke or take this one seriously.

“And…then what if you have a baby with THAT uncle. Then what will I do?” she continues her train of thoughts, while I’m still trying to think of a clever way to answer.

I’m now aghast! I wonder who has been feeding her such stuff. We don’t even watch soppy soaps on TV at home!

“But sweety, you forget that I know to talk. I will tell that uncle that I’m already married!” I say deciding to put her alarming concerns to rest.

“But amma why can’t you just wear a thali chain?” she asks – still not convinced with my answer.

I mull over how to answer this one. From the balcony I see a dog on a leash, its owner pulling it one way and the dog trying to go the other way.

“Look at that doggie.” I point out to her. We both peep and look at the doggie for a while. Amused at the way the master and dog tussle with each other.

“Ah…I know amma, when you wear that thali chain do you feel like that doggie?” Asks M – startling me, as always, with her perception.

I grin at her and we both break into a giggle at the vision of her father and me having a similar tussle.

But jeez! The kid never fails to amaze me! How on earth did she get that dog collar thing?!

Dog and God

There are times you wonder if there a God. A force out there that is keeping an eye on you and guiding your life. And then sometimes HE/SHE/IT shows you a sign. You don’t really see it then – but later you reflect and you wonder if that was a sign?

Day-before-yesterday my office boy was waiting to cross the road, on his way to deliver something to a client. While he was waiting for the Green Man at the signal a stray dog came and stood next to him. He ignored it, while the dog sniffed him out. Suddenly the dog snarled and within seconds it had dug its set of sharp canine teeth into his leg. He got bitten all the way up to his bone and the fool came back to office bleeding and in agony. At the office we put him in an auto and rushed him to the nearest hospital. Yesterday he was down with high fever and sore throat. We hope that nothing worse happens to him…

In the afternoon yesterday I went to pick up my daughter. It was just after a spell of rain and the roads were flooded. There was a chaos of cars outside the school. When we stepped out of the  school gates we could not locate our driver and car. So while I looked on one side, I asked my daughter to walk down the pavement and see if she could locate our car on the other side. She walked happily – the way children do – skipping, jumping and in her own happy world. There was a dog sleeping happily on the pavement. She hopped, skipped, jumped and landed right on the dog’s feet. I turned to look towards her just as she landed on the dog. My heart just froze. She was too far from me to do anything in case the dog snarled and attacked her. Time froze for us. My daughter realised that she had stepped on the doggy and she stopped dead in her tracks. I held my breath. Then she started screaming (more out of guilt at having stepped on the dog than anything else!) and hopped past the dog and ran towards me. All of this happened in a matter of seconds.

The dog did nothing. He merely woke up from his slumber, saw that it was a child and then his body relaxed. He had no plans of attacking her.

So why did this incident have to happen yesterday? It could have happened on any of the other 300 odd days that we go to school. Why did it happen soon after my office boy got bitten? Was it a sign of some sort? Was it someone telling me that HE/SHE/IT is there to protect me and my loved ones?

This thought did not strike me until late last night as I put my daughter to sleep. Suddenly as I held her close my heart was filled with inexplicable fear. Had the dog bitten her – there was nothing I could have done to save her! Or in her panic after having stepped on the dog – she could have run on to the road where the traffic was heavy. Anything could have happened.

But nothing did. It now remains an incident. Unless I look upon it as a sign. Was it? I do not know…