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A tra la la outing

When little girls don’t need taking care of, and before they become teenagers – when it gets too embarrassing to be seen with parents – there is this lovely phase when you become pals. I mean like real giggly pals who do girly things together.

It so happened that on Saturday hubby was not in town, so M and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves. Having nothing better to do my 7-year old and I set off to for the most happening mall in town – Express Avenue, rather the EA.

Kala Khatta Ice GolaSince M was hungry, and I had promised her a surprise treat, we headed straight for the food court. My objective was to get a special chocolatey doughnut from a little doughnut store that I’d read about in the paper. But when we got there she spotted the ice lolly kiosk. We watched gleefully as the man pulled out a disc of ice from his ice box and put it in a machine that shaved it into little flakes. With a gloved hand he picked up the flakes, give it a little shape and poked a stick into it. Then he put it into a glass and spluttered orange syrup (for M) and kala khatta (for me) into our respective ice golas. We found a cozy nook to sit and “mmmmmed”our way through the lollies. M’s lips turned a shade of bright orange and mine turned dark maroon. We grinned and showed our coloured teeth to each other. We were mighty thrilled that we had not chosen the green flavour, whatever that was, because then we’d look like monsters. A lady seated next to us ordered just that and we watched with unabashed interest to see if her lips would turn ugly green. Much to our disappointment it did not, but then we noted happily that her tongue and teeth has indeed turned monster green. Ha! Silly choice! Not smart like ours. We just looked like we had lipstick on. This done, we packed a chocolate doughnut with vanilla ice cream filling and another one with strawberry filling. These were to be shared with the family.

Then we were off to our favourite store – the Body Shop. M loves the store, not just because I’ve told here that all the products in there are not tested on animals, but also because there are quaint bottles in every shelf with the label ‘Try Me’. So M feels obliged to try it. I mean when its sort of pleading with you – why not try it? We obliged and tried most of it. By the end of it our cheeks shimmered pink, our eyes shone blue and our eyelids were emphasized by a subtle shade of pink. The backs of our palm were lined with little streaks of various lipsticks and lip liners. From our wrists arose the fragrance of myriad perfumes ranging from flowery to chocolatey. In the end we picked up a bottle of organic, forest friendly shampoo and walked out totally pleased with ourselves. I’m sure the mirror in there must have sighed with relief – since we had spent a good part of an hour giggling into it and admiring ourselves! Not to forget the patient sales lady who had given up hopes of us buying anything and jumped like a startled rabbit when we told her to bill the shampoo.

Ah! An evening well spent, giggling and doing girly things together. We went home with wide grins on our face. Smelling, I’m sure, like nothing on earth. But absolutely at peace with ourselves.

These are moments I will cherish and treasure in a secret chamber in my heart. I’m not sure how many more such outings we will have. But I know these sweet memories will keep me going, long after such innocent days are no more…

Facebook – the new family astrologer

A fussy cousin recently got married. Her parents heaved a HUGE sigh of relief. For the past three years they’ve done nothing but look for a groom for her. Here’s the statistics:

  • Prospective grooms seen: 3987
  • 2% disqualified on grounds of very long nose
  • 1% broad nose
  • 1.5% Sissy voice
  • 5.5% too dark
  • 5% too fair
  • 5% too tall/lanky
  • 5% too short/stout
  • 15% too many siblings
  • 10% overweight
  • A whopping 50% were shunned because of the possibility of the mother-in-law being too nosey.

The family desperately consulted astrologers, did rounds of temples…but the perfect son-in-law was just too elusive. But then… magic happened.

Or should I say Facebook happened!

She had seen this guy some 3 years ago on Facebook and he sort of matched all her criteria. But she thought nothing more of it – until three years (and over a thousand rejected prospects later) she stumbled upon his profile. His status was still single and to her now desperate self – he seemed more than perfect!

Viola! Contact was made. They sent each other toads, hearts, cause requests, indulged in Mafia Wars, found out which of the 7 deadly sins they belonged to, discovered what they were born to do, found out how Tamil they are, explored how Cool they are, discovered each others’ kissing style… Thanks to all this and over innumerable chat sessions they discussed likes, dislikes, habits, quirks…he even found her extreme fussiness endearing.

Well…the good Lord makes all kinds I say. There certainly is one for everyone!

Parents were informed. Both families instantly (might I add gleefully) agreed. The girl’s highly orthodox parents gave up the idea of matching horoscopes (they tried BTW – this one did not match). They were simply relieved that she had finally approved of someone. To her credit – he is a terrific guy and his family is highly endearing.

Gossip circles had much to talk about. The wedding hall was a bustling advertisement for Facebook. You could hear the word whispered as people chit chatted. The young lot gushing over it and the elders puzzling over this new matchmaking gadget! One conversation I overheard:

Old orthodox lady 1: “They did not see ‘jadagam’ (horoscope) of the boy and girl first, they saw something called Facebook.”

Old orthodox lady 2: “Oh is that like those wedding website shadi.com and all that?”

Old orthodox lady 1: “Must be. I think this one is even better. It matched their horoscopes too it seems!”

Old orthodox lady 2: “Ah these days computers can do anything.”

Old orthodox lady 1: “Yes yes…mmm Facebook… I will ask my daughter also to register there. She is also 27 now you see..”

Old orthodox lady 2: “Certainly you should. And see you don’t even need to find an astrologer to see jadagam and all. You will get a smart ready-made groom.”

Then the two ladies sighed and looked fondly at the couple…even as whispers of ‘Facebook’ continued around the hall.