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My hero this Woman’s Day

The dust has settled down on Woman’s Day tamasha. I’m not sure whether to be happy about this circus coming to town every year or not. What good does it serve really? Each year different NGOs and organizations pick women achievers and reward them. Elaborate awards functions are held. Everyone appears well dressed and happy. Pictures are taken. Happy moments are born. And so on. Well, clap clap, great show ladies. Now let’s move on.

I have nothing against awarding women achievers. Really. But on what basis are we picking these women? I see a pattern. The women who walk away with the awards are socially active, they are financially well off and they have supportive families. Not to belittle their achievements…but what and where are the odds they battled?

Each year, I like to pick my ‘woman of the year’. Last year it was a tie between my maid and my iron lady. This year, the lady I choose is truly special and inspirational. And here’s her story:

Until 2012, Shanti was like any ordinary Tamil Brahmin middle class woman. Her conservative tambram family was supportive within their limits. Her husband, very loving and caring. He was hardworking and preferred that she managed the home and their two lovely daughters. The future held hope and promise.

Then in October 2012, her little bubble crashed.

Her husband died in a really freakish train accident. With no work experience and virtually no savings, their future was a big question mark. On humanitarian grounds, her husband’s organization gave her a job. But with no prior work experience, she got in on a low salary and was expected to work late hours. The children handled it very well, but she was riddled with guilt as she had to stay away from home from 7 am to 7 pm or even later sometimes. And then to supplement the income she started taking Hindi tuition. This went on until 9 pm. By then it was almost bed time for the kids. Her in-laws took care of the children well, but threw veiled acidic remarks and barbs in her direction. Finally, one year after her husband passed away, she took up another apartment and her parents moved in with her. Her father, a retired 70 year old man, took up a part time job as a warehouse book keeper to support her. Her relentless running around continues to this day. In addition to work and Hindi tuition, she is now doing her MBA as she feels that her current qualifications will not help her much professionally. The organization she is working for is going through bad times and she recently revealed that she does not get paid for months together. She is looking for another job, hopefully one where her timings are not as erratic.

Yet despite it all, you will never see her without a smile on her face. She greets everyone with a big grin. Though her eyes tell you the story of her struggle and sleepless nights, I have not heard her complain about life even once. She takes it all in her stride. She does not compromise on her children’s happiness. She allows them to go on field trips, participate in programs (where one has to pay through the nose for costumes) etc. She is taking it one day at a time. And she believes that things can only get better. Her attitude and courage are an inspiration. She is an amazingly strong person and I salute her. In my eyes, she is a true achiever.

Status update please!

I’m pretty sure the good Lord up there has a special mould for creating and despatching annoying people into this world. Why else would some people – though they are pushy don’t annoy – but some annoying instantly? Having said that, not many people can annoy me. But there’s this one chap who does. What’s worse is he works for our biggest client and I cannot ignore him all the time. He is but a fly in hierarchy of things in the organization that he works for. And true to his hierarchy he is just there to bug and annoy. Expecting regular updates on all ongoing jobs. I guess he needs to do something – so he keeps shooting off these mails that are marked to every big head in the organization. The mail will say STILL WAITING for an update from you – on a job that was given 20 minutes ago! So what do I tell him? Does he even understand that a creative process cannot be timed? Yes, one does work on a deadline – but what updates do I give him on the progress of a thinking process?! Here are some things I come to rush to my mind when I read his annoying mails. (Obviously I can’t send these to him so this is the best way to get them out of my system…)

Job status update 1:
Thinking in progress. The left brain is now sending signals to the right brain. But the right brain is not in a mood to listen. Trying.

Job status update 2:
My technical team is cutting their nails so that they can operate the keyboard better.

Job status update 3:
90% of the job got uploaded but then the brain hung. Rebooting in progress.

Job status update 4:
Oh dear! I did not realize that 20 minutes are already up since the last update. Let me send a mail to my brain and get you the latest update.

Job status update 5:
Oops I thought I was permitted to have a lunch break. So actually the current status update will be two rotis, aloo sabji, salad and curd!

Job status update 6:
Waiting for tea. While I try hard to come up with an orgasm inducing idea. Trust me you will be first person I will share the idea with. Wait for it (…the orgasm I mean!)

Job status update 7:
Oh are you still waiting? THAT big idea did not come and I guess neither did you.  Pity.

Job status update 7:
It’s 5:30 my brain shuts shop like a government office. So honestly status remains status quo (as was at 10:52 am this morning).

Job status update 8:
Goodmorning! Today is another day. Rebooting my brain. Will keep you updated on progress.

And so…it goes on…