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So, have I grown up?

Every New Year’s eve I used to have this urge to do something. To make it special. To make it memorable. Have to. Have to. Have to. I’m not sure this is because everyone we know is doing something. And then later they ask – how was your New Year’s eve and we feel compelled to say how exciting ours was. I’m ashamed to say just for this I used to plan ‘something’ for every New Years’ eve.

The last four years I’ve done nothing special. This year I was with friends on the eve. We just chatted around, watched some television, wished each other at 12 am and then promptly went off to sleep. So is that going to make my year any less special? I don’t think so.

How does celebrating on New Year’s eve make the year more special? How does getting drunk on this day ensure that you’re on a high all through the year? How does getting together with friends and creating a whole lot of noise ensure that you have a peaceful year ahead?

While we boring people sat watching television at home, we heard the noise on the road around us. I peeped from the balcony to see a bunch of youngsters on their bikes, all high on something, all talking loudly, all unsteady and suddenly they all got on to the bike and sped away to some place. In that flush of youth you really have no idea where life is taking you. As you grow older you realize that you do not choose your destination. Life does. The sooner you realize that, the better for you. No harm in celebrating on New Year’s eve but why endanger your own life and the life of others around you? Why do we need strict police rules to force us to behave in a civilized fashion?

The next morning we woke up to newspapers filled with stories about youth in their 20’s who died celebrating on New Year’s eve. Bike accidents. Car accidents. Young people in their 20’s who wasted their lives for nothing. There were pictures of their mourning parents. It broke my heart. What were they trying to celebrate, really?

All I want for this new year is to be able to take each day as it comes. To have the maturity to accept and handle what life throws at me. To be able to make sensible decisions even during life’s tricky moments. To not be pressurized by what is expected of me and to do what I feel is right. I know now that life makes its own plans. It took me so many years to realize that! But I’m glad that I’ve finally given in to that higher power. It leaves me feeling calmer and more relieved. I like this feeling. I’m no longer the monkey with a herd instinct. I’m me. Finally I have found that ‘me’ somewhere.

I want to thank all my friends and all those who sweetly visit my blog. You have all certainly been part of my growing up. (A special thanks to OTEE and Jairaj here). You have helped me see the light. You have made me believe in myself. You have helped me find me. This year is going to be fun – because I’m going to be spending it with all you friends. And me. Happy New Year dearest friends :)

The love affair continues

Rain and I. We had one of our deep, quiet moments this morning. I sat there in the balcony with my cup of tea and felt his tender kiss like droplets on my cheeks. I watched as he dropped down on the puddles in the road and created busy little whirlpools of happiness. Tiny droplets of joy that grew bigger and bigger and merged into yet another growing whirlpool of joy.

You really love to spread the joy don’t you? Now I’m ashamed that I ever doubted you. How could I have ever suspected that YOU would ruin my little princess’s birthday party! How could I? I don’t deserve those kiss like drops, what I need is a lashing for doubting you!

Thank you so much dear Rain God. (Or whatever forces that are up there. I do not understand why, but I’m so so grateful that you are being really nice to me and allowing me to indulge in my little whims and fancies.). Thank you. Really. I mean it.

In case you’re new here and don’t have a clue as to what I’m blabbering about. Please read this one first.

It was like the Rain God held his breath for my little princess. A tentative sun shone through the clouds on Friday. And we kept fingers crossed. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and cool! It was really a perfect winter day in Chennai! Not warm. Not cold. Not raining. Not humid. Not hot. Just perfect! So it stayed all through the day as we gleefully got the terrace cleaned, summoned the electrician and got extra lights fitted. A cool breeze kept us company all through the afternoon as we worked to make the terrace presentable. By evening – it looked dreamy!

The party itself? It was incredible. It just took off from the word go! My brother – the sweetheart that he is – was in glorious form. He had the kids running and dancing and screaming merrily. He organized impromptu games and twisted twenty odd kids around his little finger. They were ready to do whatever this funny man said!

It was absolutely perfect. The music and my brother set the mood. The kids were dancing, singing, running, laughing, giggling, playing…and my brother was the hero of the day. He really pumped up the spirit and kept the high octave maintained right through! Princess Mahima had a ball so to speak. She could not stop grinning from ear to ear. It really was her happiest day to be surrounded by her best friends and to be having so much fun!

Sigh! Yes it was perfect. I could not have asked for a more fabulous day. Thank you to all the forces that made this day perfect. Thank you to all the friends who remembered and called. It simply was an amazing day. And yes…my love affair with the Rain God continues…

Did I tell you…at around 12 am on Sunday morning it started raining again and has not stopped ever since. Call that uncanny? I call that a ‘out pouring’ of love! :)

Dear Rain God,

I’m a big fan of yours. In fact I’m in love with you.  I cannot imagine life on earth without you.  I always wonder how you look so dark and grey and angry and yet when you send down those showers it is so calming.

Having said that, I now come to you with a strange request. I wish you would stop raining in Chennai just on Friday and certainly on Saturday. You see its my baby’s birthday and we plan to have a party on the terrace. I’m sure you understand why having an indoor party for kids is tough – i mean, just imagine having to shove 22 hyper children into a room?! It’s the psychological equivalent of leaving 22 merry bulls in a China shop – so to speak.

People say, why not rent a premises. I don’t want to do that – because:

a) these venues are time bound and I do not want to keep looking at my watch all through the party

b) they offer a fixed and boring menu – so  can’t fit in stuff that my baby likes

b) the theme parties that these places host are rather sad…not my style. If I have original ideas, why not use this opportunity to implement it?

So that’s the reason my heart is set on the terrace. But if it rains – it will all be damp squib. Please please please be nice and don’t rain just on those two days.  I love you and ask so little of you. In fact, usually I’m the first to say rain rain come again…

I know that if push comes to shove I will be able to hold an indoor party. But my heart is set on an outdoor one.  And my heart wears blinkers! If it decides on one thing its so so so difficult to accept an alternative. Don’t blame me for it. You’ve got to have a chat with Brahma on this one. It’s a fault in the creation process. Not mine!

I also don’t like to offer bribes to get things done. You know how people say I will break 10 coconuts or I will do this abhishekam or that. I say, if God’s take a bride then why not politicians! So no bribe. But here are some things that could earn me brownie points:

a) this one’s gonna be a totally eco party. No plastic (except the chairs ). Good for earth and of course good for you!

b) all the return gifts are eco-friendly and they have all been bought from charity organizations. The proceeds of these will go towards special needs children

c) like every year, this year too i will donate one whole day’s meal for children in an orphanage.

….No I don’t do all this to impress anyone. I do it for myself – simply because I want to. And because it makes me feel more human. I do not announce it. But I had to tell you – just in case it helps you change your mind.

So well, please consider this an appeal from an ardent fan/devotee/mother…and please don’t rain on Friday and Saturday. Please.


Yours truly,

A desperate mom