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Shopping at Linking Road and suchalike pandemonium

I went Bombay. Alone. I mean – ME. The one who is capable of losing her way walking from the living room to the bedroom. Me. I went alone. Much to the chagrin of my family. They were pretty sure I would not be able to find my way out of the aircraft – let alone anything else. So a dutiful friend was assigned to pick me up from the airport and handhold me until it was time for my meeting. That part went off well enough. He picked me up. We stopped by at his work place – Tao Art Gallery – which apparently is India’s largest private art gallery. It was dark and silent and I drooled at the paintings without worrying about displaying my complete ignorance of art. That done, we took a cab down to Mahalaxmi where we met another friend for breakfast. After chit chatting for about an hour, it was time to catch a cab and head for the Bandra-Kurla road where my meeting was. I was to drop my friend back at his gallery on my way so he got in and explained the way to the cabby who nodded his head intelligently. When he got off at his designated stop and I instantly felt alone in a big, strange city. Anyways I settled in with my google map in hand and my friends’ instructions in my head. All the landmarks that google and my friend had said – passed by. So I was reassured that I was on the right track. Just then the cabby turned to ask me ‘so how do I get to BKC?’ I was of course flabbergasted! Why on earth did he nod so vigorously if he did not know? I told him to ask someone – since I had no clue. But he was one stubborn mule. He refused to stop and ask! He just kept going and the landmarks faded away. Unfamiliar road names zoomed past. I started to panic. Ask someone I yelled every two minutes. Finally he paused near a mechanic shop and stared. He expected me to ask – it seemed. But if I had no clue of the roads how was I to understand directions? I did ask – and the man assured us that we were totally in the wrong direction. He gave long winded directions to my driver, who set off – getting grumpier by the minute – in the said direction. About 15 minutes later, we were back where we started.  We had gone a full circle! This time we asked an auto driver. This man also proceeded to assure us that we were hopelessly lost. He in turn gave his directions. My man nodded intelligently – yet again. And we were off once more. In the meanwhile the friend called to check on me. “Not lost na?” he hoped. My pride would not let me admit it. In fact, almost there – I told him. Another 20 minutes later I saw a Citibank Building that was marked in my google map. But it was on my right while the map said it should be on my left. So right road, wrong direction. We went around the road, trying to turn and somehow the chap managed to lose his way again! God knows how we found ourselves on a national highway. Another ask-for-directions halt followed and another knowledgeable auto driver guided us. By now my driver was almost in tears and very upset with me for taking him all around the city! (Sure blame me buddy – but just get me there.). Finally yet another auto guy guided us right and I reached my meeting venue – just 5 minutes late. I rushed into the building and called my client. She asked me to come up to the 3rd floor lobby and wait. I did that. And waited. And waited. Then I messaged her. She called me asking which 3rd floor I was in. We discovered that I was in the wrong building! I had to go across to the high rise next door to the one I was in. How embarrassing!

Anyways for all the chaos it took to reach the place, my meeting went off rather well. Post the meeting and lunch – I had plenty of time to kill before catching my late evening flight back to Chennai. So I decided to go to Linking Road for shopping – again as advised by my friend. I asked my client for directions and she drew me a fool-proof map (no pun intended here). Armed with that I took an auto to Linking Road. Fortunately this driver seemed to know where he was going. Unfortunately he was in a hurry to get there! He swerved and twisted and turned and weaned his way through heavy traffic at breakneck speed. At one point I think the auto turned so fast it went up on two tires. My entreaties to slow down fell on deaf ears. It was a good 15 minutes of gut wrenching ride! The minute I spotted the footwear shops lining the pavement I yelled for him to stop. What a relief it was to get there in one piece! I walked down the crowded street and had a look at all the wares. A second and third round followed before I ventured into a shop to buy anything. The first purchase were two lovely flowery sandals for my princess. Next stop – footwear for myself. Just then the husband called to check on me. When I told him where I was, he was appalled. Be careful, he begged. Don’t get lost and head for the airport quickly – he ordered. This was followed by a call from my client – to check if I had reached my destination safely. What a reputation I had managed to create! Anyways despite all their fears I spent another hour walking the streets. Then I took an auto to the airport.

There I settled into a corner with a book and a sandwich. Before I knew it, it was time to board my aircraft. As I buckled myself into my seat I congratulated myself. Not bad. It was chaotic and hectic, but I did manage on my own. Bravo!

When I landed in Chennai husband and my little princess were waiting for me. I got a big hug from my baby and this and this.

Perfect end to an adventurous day?  Definitely.

The love affair continues

Rain and I. We had one of our deep, quiet moments this morning. I sat there in the balcony with my cup of tea and felt his tender kiss like droplets on my cheeks. I watched as he dropped down on the puddles in the road and created busy little whirlpools of happiness. Tiny droplets of joy that grew bigger and bigger and merged into yet another growing whirlpool of joy.

You really love to spread the joy don’t you? Now I’m ashamed that I ever doubted you. How could I have ever suspected that YOU would ruin my little princess’s birthday party! How could I? I don’t deserve those kiss like drops, what I need is a lashing for doubting you!

Thank you so much dear Rain God. (Or whatever forces that are up there. I do not understand why, but I’m so so grateful that you are being really nice to me and allowing me to indulge in my little whims and fancies.). Thank you. Really. I mean it.

In case you’re new here and don’t have a clue as to what I’m blabbering about. Please read this one first.

It was like the Rain God held his breath for my little princess. A tentative sun shone through the clouds on Friday. And we kept fingers crossed. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and cool! It was really a perfect winter day in Chennai! Not warm. Not cold. Not raining. Not humid. Not hot. Just perfect! So it stayed all through the day as we gleefully got the terrace cleaned, summoned the electrician and got extra lights fitted. A cool breeze kept us company all through the afternoon as we worked to make the terrace presentable. By evening – it looked dreamy!

The party itself? It was incredible. It just took off from the word go! My brother – the sweetheart that he is – was in glorious form. He had the kids running and dancing and screaming merrily. He organized impromptu games and twisted twenty odd kids around his little finger. They were ready to do whatever this funny man said!

It was absolutely perfect. The music and my brother set the mood. The kids were dancing, singing, running, laughing, giggling, playing…and my brother was the hero of the day. He really pumped up the spirit and kept the high octave maintained right through! Princess Mahima had a ball so to speak. She could not stop grinning from ear to ear. It really was her happiest day to be surrounded by her best friends and to be having so much fun!

Sigh! Yes it was perfect. I could not have asked for a more fabulous day. Thank you to all the forces that made this day perfect. Thank you to all the friends who remembered and called. It simply was an amazing day. And yes…my love affair with the Rain God continues…

Did I tell you…at around 12 am on Sunday morning it started raining again and has not stopped ever since. Call that uncanny? I call that a ‘out pouring’ of love! :)

Hear yey hear yey…the princess turns six!

Oh my God! I know it sounds clichéd when I say that time just flew by. But yes time did just fly by! Was it SIX years ago that the little princess was thrust into my arms, all pink and indignant at being wrenched out of my womb? Feels more like yesterday! Wonder where all those years went. Huh?

So now she is a little lady. Not a baby any more. That’s the hardest to accept. She reminds me very often these days that she can climb down the stairs herself. I don’t have to hold her hand all the time! She can take spice (and how!)– so I don’t have to give her dosas with honey – she will eat it with molagai podi (the spicy chutney that we Tamilians devour). Er…she has also figured out that boiled carrots are not the yummiest thing in the world. “How about a bhel?” – she tells her dad as she abandons her plate of carrots and beans…while I try to give them those now infamous killer looks. She has also learnt to roll spaghetti into her fork and eat like a lady. However we do often throw the fork off and pretend they are wriggling snakes and worms that we are gleefully devouring. Muaahhhh ha ha!

She will eat her meals with spoons only. Does not like to get her hands of icky and messy. (But of course my little princess!) And, by the way, she needs at least 4 spoons during the course of the meal. Icky spoons will not be reused.

So yeah. She has grown up. I might say that several times more in this post. I need to keep saying that to myself, you see.

It was her idea to have a princess party for her 6th birthday. Actually the idea mushroomed when she started doodling her self portraits – a cute stick figure with loooooong Rapunzel type hair, a crown and a gown. Always. Everyday. If you ask her why does that Mahima have a crown – she shrugs and says very matter of factly “Because I am. You keep telling me.” Ah so I do. I hasten to correct her. “You realize you are the princess of my heart. Not a real princess.”

“I know mom. Otherwise I would have drawn a golden crown with all sparkly, shiny things in it – like how real princesses wear.” She reassured me.

That clarified. I felt at peace. While she always has her head in the clouds at least her feet are grounded in reality!

So did I say, she is growing up? And fast! It’s hard to put my finger on it. In so many little little ways she demonstrates that she is now a little lady. She will not appear in front of her father unless properly dressed. Whoa! That’s a new one! I still remember having to run after her around the house with a dress, begging her to wear it. Now I have to draw the curtain once she is out of her bath. Jeez, when did that change happen? I never realized it! Sigh. Yeah. She is growing up.

We’re preparing for her birthday party coming up this Saturday. Everyone at home talks of nothing else. I’m nervous now. I want my little princess to have the happiest day of her life. I wish I could make it a magical evening for her. Just to see that smile in her face. Just to see the laughter in those eyes. Just to hear her run around and scream with joy at the sight of all her friends. Just to hear her talk about it for days. Just so that she would hug me with joy and entwine those little fingers around my neck just once more. I wonder for how much longer she will do that? Next year she might be too embarrassed to do it. I will savour each moment this year.

Yeah well, so what if she is a little lady now, she is still and will always be my little princess.